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Fugly Fantom Frogs

Early 2022

MINTING NOW OPEN: A cult of misjudged frogs congregating on the #Fantom Blockchain. They are the Fugly Fantom Frogs, and this is their story. 🐸


Late 2021


Cosmic Horrors

Late 2021

8bit NFT series of Cosmic Horrors, created by Reaper Farms artist FantamSpooky.


Mid 2021

Inspired by the infamous EtherRock's, FantomRocks are one of the most well-receieved collections on FTM.

PepeTarot Cards: Edition 1

Late 2021

The second release of PepeTarot Cards, featuring the entire Rider–Waite tarot deck.

PepeTarot Cards

Mid 2021

Using fOracle, diviners may seek their fortune by drawing a PepeTarot card and in turn receive that card as an NFT.

Gantom Stones

Mid 2021

Rare, unique, decentralized, generative adversarial network (GAN) generated collectibles minted on the Fantom chain.

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